Wales Self Catering

Along with England, Ireland and Scotland, Wales is one of the four countries which make up the United Kingdom. One of the most popular areas for Holidays, it offers the visitor a multitude of accommodation options, we cover the best Wales Self Catering Options

This beautiful and historical country is characterized by extensive natural beauty and a strong sense of Celtic heritage. Much of the countryside is rural and one of the great pleasures of any visit is spending some time in the midst of scenery which has escaped modern development and industrialization. There is no better way to experience wales than through a Wales Self Catering Cottage, have the freedom to explore this wonderful land.

Along with the Snowdonia mountains, which hold some of Britain's highest peaks, the Gower Peninsula is one of the country's four Outstanding Areas of Natural Beauty, bearing the additional honour of being Britain's first to be so designated with the honour.

Welsh Self Catering accommodation range from the small country cottages secreted at the foothills of the Black Mountains, to those along the Heritage Coast with sufficient room to sleep a large group of people for long periods. Whether you're wanting to enjoy the serene landscape of the mountains or rivers, or hope to catch sight of the dolphins which favour the coast, you will be spoiled for choice of luxury lodgings.

For those preferring the charm of an old stone cottage, the countryside abounds with lodgings endowed with rustic appeal. Similarly, for those with different needs or those may have more practical concerns, many modern holiday cottages specialize in providing facilities for families or groups.

Of course, typical Wales Self-Catering accommodation is never far from the multitude of local activities. Modern or traditional, you're sure to find lodgings which lend themselves to a stay in some of the United Kingdom's most breathtaking surrounds.